Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Cheers!

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for supporting my work and I hope you all have a safe, fun and momentous day. Best wishes!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Equivocal Mind

Hi friends and followers, I would like to finally share with you all, a project I’ve been working on with my brother Paul and cousin Livio - a short film titled “An Equivocal Mind”.

An Equivocal Mind is an original feature, written and directed by Paul that explores a man’s deepest and most inner thoughts from a certain situation and perspective.

My role during this project, was to assist with the editing stage. In transforming the original raw footage, to an aesthetic that delivers on the mood and ambience that Paul desired. I also play a small role, as a character walking past in the background, of one of the scenes in the movie.

Members of our family and friends, assisted with various aspects of production and performed. 

Apart from myself and Paul (whom I've already mentioned), the rest of the production team includes: Livio Forza - the musical director, who produced an original score for this picture and sound designer and producer, Sachin Kapoor.

The remainder are the cast featured in the film. They include:

Adam Forza
Assunta Forza
Daniel Koutlakis
Domenica Forza
Domenic Meehan
Jane Forza
Lei Son
Livio Forza
Marc Forza
Patrick Madigan
Paul Forza
Phillip Lau
Sarina Tripodi
Vincent Esposito

In addition, special thanks must be given to our family, for allowing us to film at the premises of the family business - Forza Continental: Forza Family Proprietary Limited, for the locales in our footage.

Furthermore, recognition must be given to Henry Fuseli, for his art piece titled “Silence” and Francis Bacon’s artwork titled “Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X”, for their inclusion in the film.

Embedded below is a link to the film that is available to view on youtube:

This film, also commemorates the formation of Paul and Livio’s filmmaking group, 1-UP Productions and marks the beginning of what I’m sure will be an incredible portfolio of work.

I applaud everyone’s tireless efforts and congratulate my brother, in completing his first film and dream project. I’m so proud to see what he has achieved and I was honoured to help make one of his dreams a reality.

If you are interested to see more of my own personal work, then I welcome you to visit my web domains listed below, where they are presented:

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We hope you all like the film?

Thank you.

New Collaboration - UNIT 44! (w. Updated Msg)

Hi everyone, I would just like to inform you all and officially announce the formation of a team I’ve been collaborating with for most of this year, called UNIT 44!

Consisting of a few of my closet friends, who are also talented artists and designers. They include Brandon Le Tbb, Jeffrey Talbot, Winson Wang, Pae Dee and Darrel Bt.

Our goal is to produce premium concept art/design.

At the moment we have a Facebook page, which can be found by following the url address below:

Look out for us and our work, at future conventions. In addition to other places in the wild!


(Update: 14/12/13)
Dear friends and followers,
I would like to apologise for mistakenly forgetting to publish this post conjointly with the Marc Forza Design Facebook page.
Thank you and please enjoy

- Marc Forza

First "Spit Paint"! (w. Updated Msg)

(Update: 14/12/13)
Dear friends and followers,
I would like to apologise for mistakenly forgetting to publish this post conjointly with the Marc Forza Design Facebook page.
Thank you and please enjoy

- Marc Forza
Hi everyone, quick update but this is my first time "spit painting" for 30 mins.

Today's topic is "melting door - dead aim - the almighty peanut".

Please visit the "Daily Spitpaint" group at: to witness many fantastic paintings, from all sorts of artists and designers. Enjoy :)
Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here.

This is for today's topic "melting door - dead aim - the almighty peanut". Enjoy.

Overall, I hope you have all enjoyed this body of work and please look forward to the next given post.
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Thank you.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Showcase Concert - Congratulatory End

Hi friends and followers, I would just like to thank and reiterate the kind feelings already expressed by others already, with regard to the Showcase Concert that I was involved with and that transpired Saturday night.

First of all, congratulations to my collaborators Livio Forza, Siobhan Owen and Mark Sandon for their talented efforts, in achieving a fantastic night of musical and artistic flair. Furthermore, many thanks to Livio for organising the showcase and inviting me to be a part of it. Lastly a big thank you as well to those who assisted in preparations and of course to everyone that supported us and attended the showcase. We greatly appreciate it.

In addition, as I previously stated here, on my Facebook page and the showcase concert’s Facebook page, below are the final iterations of my artworks that were presented on the night.  

To expand upon the works, included are extracts from the concert’s program booklet of my exposition for the art:

 Requiem Binary

(As is already present in my portfolio, under the "scenario scenes" heading tab)

Requiem Binary is a concept art/design piece which depicts an original narrative I’ve been conceptualising for a few years, as the proposition for a new game or film. The story centres on a deceased soldier whose mind and soul are surgically manifested into the body of a bipedal mech in order to create the world's first autonomous machine. Despite this breakthrough for humanity it however creates torment for the protagonist, as upon awakening he initially thinks he has been brought back to life. Instead he witnesses a shattered reality, caused by the surrealism of the mech's interface and mainframe that distorts his perspective. The story is intended as a social commentary about our ongoing consumption of technology and dependence on it. It expresses that technology could fatality harm us mentally and physically, while removing the primal instinct of man to progress in life.

Concerning the palette, I utilised warm colours in the form of a lens flare that is cast over the mech’s shoulder which signifies the illusion of the character’s initial belief of being resurrected. Furthermore, the remaining objects are rendered using cool hues to signal the foreboding truth and dissolution of the human mind into the machine.

In essence, this piece visualises the birth of autonomous mechatronics, created by the manifestation of the human mind, while hinting at the possible issues that could arise from such a life threatening procedure. This notion is explained, through this art piece’s intentionally cryptic title: Requiem Binary. Requiem - The loss and remembrance of the deceased and Binary - The computational code that dictates a machine’s programming. This contextually means a machine that is the surrogate of an organic mind, connected neurologically with its human host, which causes conflict of remembering a forgotten past in an ulterior life, whose recollection is now translated into broken binary.


This artwork visually portrays Livio’s tribute to Claude Debussy. More specifically, I aimed to convey Debussy’s promiscuous desire for women, by making it evident in the artwork that Debussy has only one thing on his mind at all times.

To capture this idea, Livio supplied me with an image of Debussy, who exhibits a subtly satisfied expression that suggests perversion combined with a look of pride. This suitably reflects the personality of Debussy who is an illustrious figure within the music history but has an amorous side to his character. Through observation I recreated this photo, but altered it to include a glimpse inside the mind of this man. Included is a faded sheet of music, which he famously wrote that recedes into the background of this portrait. This helps people who are unfamiliar of Debussy to assume that he is a composer, but more importantly this particular piece was used, as it's arguably his most well known and controversial composition. Moreover it implicates hedonistic meanings, which hints at his persona. 

In terms of colour, no higher purpose was considered for this piece apart from selecting tones which closely resembled and appropriately captured what was drawn i.e. colour that resembles skin colour, garments, and the architecture displayed in his imagination. 

Ultimately this piece strives to illustrate the dichotomy of Claude Debussy's reputation, a highly regarded composer and womaniser.

Theme and Variation of Dies Irae

To elaborate and paraphrase Livio’s intentions, Dies Irae is supposed to embody our feelings of uncertainty about death. To visually portray this notion, I extended this concept to a brief narrative scenario that involves a surreal scene of a deceased woman.

This woman is the wife of a beloved husband and is forced to part from him. As she ascends to the after world her partner tries, with little success, to keep her. In the end her fate is impossible to reverse and so he says his last goodbye and watches her leave him. Their memories however will never be forgotten as I incorporated a staircase into her form, which symbolises a binding spiritual and mental connection between the lovers.

Regarding the palette, the colours I chose each hold significant purpose. Hues of black signify the western funeral tradition of mourning while white tones represent purity and celebrating life. In this case, the form of the columns and mist that portray heaven, merely serve to replicate the now pale skin tone of the wife who is now deceased.


Spiralling into the Looking Glass

The popular fables 'Alice in Wonderland' and its sequel 'Through the looking glass' are the inspirations for this art piece and Livio’s related composition. I wanted to showcase an image closely related to Livio's composition, but further embodies the sensation of descending into madness in the form of cowardice. More specifically, Alice escaping her miserable life and mentally forming the exotic yet dangerous world that is “wonderland.” It is this wonderland that Alice escapes from her harsh existence.

To convey this escapism and its lasting severity, I illustrated a composition that demonstrates Alice from her time as an infant to a young woman. The major influences of her psyche manifest into the popular supporting characters that surround her: the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and the antagonist the Queen of Hearts. I was aiming to reflect the fear and anxiety that has engulfed her from birth, signifying that her whole life is terrible and that she repeatedly escapes to this evocative and surreal wonderland. The particular manner that I’ve adopted to compose this image is inspired by the works of Drew Struzan who is known for creating posters of famous films such as: Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Back to the future.

The palette contains many cool colours that I utilised to portray the foreboding mood with contrasting warm colours to signify feelings of explained escapism. In the end my ambition was to create a piece that is magical, confronting, and alluring to the viewer. Although it inhabits sensations of augur, my hope is that my piece instills the possibility that escapism is possible and to not forget to return to reality, where support is guaranteed.

Overall I hope you have all enjoyed this body of work and please look forward to the next given post.

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Thank you.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Journal Ambience (JA) #15 - Life Drawing, Showcase Concert Update & Other Pivotal Highlights

Hi friends and followers,

My apologies for the long hiatus, but during this time I have been busily engaged with a variety of projects and other pivotal things that I am finally happy to be able to share with you all.  

First of all, below is an assortment of life drawing studies that I drew during a few classes, at local Adelaide based concept art/ design school Concept Design Workshop Studios (CDW Studios):

Furthermore, a recent update was made to the Showcase Concert event page that displays early compositional and ideation illustrations that I drew, which have led to the final art works that will be presented on the night.    

Below is a link to the page and the illustrations that I previously drew

I will post the final artworks at a date after the Concert, which as a reminder is on this month on Saturday the 26th (Two weeks from now) at 7pm - The Manse at Clayton-Wesley Uniting Church in Beulah Park.

In addition, I won’t be able to share at this time my exposition for this work, but I’ll do so at the same date I present my final art works online.

Lastly I am pleased to share that through meetings that have transpired over this time, I will soon be volunteering my skills in teaching at Adelaide based catholic secondary school: Christian Brothers College, in their art and design departments and I have begun to review games for the website Retrospekt and possibly also for the site called Player Attack. Please look forward to my review that will soon be published on Retrospekt, in which I critique the cult title by Hideo Kojima: Policenauts.    

Overall I hope you have all enjoyed this body of work and please look forward to the next given post.

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Thank you.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Journal Ambience “JA” #14 (Cont.) - Showcase Concert

Hello again dearest friends, the final news that I have to share with you all today, is a partnership I have arranged with a few prominent local musicians, to host a showcase. This will be an intimate concert that will allow my pieces to be seen and respected in a serene environment.

The collaboration will be with my meticulous cousin Livio Forza, the sentimental Siobhan Owen and the dynamic Mark Sandon. The four of us will be hosting the concert on the 26th of October at 'The Manse,' a local art community which is based at the Clayton-Wesley Uniting Church in Beulah Park. At 7pm the doors open, to allow a viewing of my works and a chance to interact with us about our passion. Then at 7:30pm the concert shall commence.

The concert is given the general title 'showcase' to express the intent of our artistic talents without being burdened by an overarching theme. Myself in art and design, Livio via music composition, Siobhan by singing and playing the harp, while on piano is the ever vibrant Mark. Livio will present twelve of his contemporary compositions, one in which is his interpretation of one of my own concept art pieces, which Siobhan and Mark will beautifully perform. In addition, I will return the honour and provide visual interpretations of three of Livio’s works, with three digital paintings.

We hope everyone can attend and enjoy all of the hard work that we have each poured into the concert.

Ticket prices are:

Adults = $10
Children (14 and Under) = $5

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Journal Ambience “JA” #14 (Cont.) - Blizzcon Art Contest ’13 Entry Piece: Final Rendering

Hi to all my friends and followers, first of all I would to inform you all that Journal Ambience (JA) #14 will be spread across multiple posts this time, due to the tight scheduling of projects on my part that is preventing me from posting my typical thorough account, of my recent work endeavours. Therefore, I hope you all enjoy over the next couple of weeks the posts I make, highlighting what has recently been happening in the progression of my career.

For this post I would just like to give a big thanks to everyone that helped offer their opinions and selections towards the development of my Blizzcon Art Contest piece, whether it be on this page, other pages and in person, thank you so much. From each of your inputs I decided to merge compositions numbers 3, 4 and 6 and produced two new ones to select from again. In the end #7 satisfied me attached to this post and accompanying it, I hereby present to you all my final rendered piece of concept art (at least for the competition deadline). I hope you all like it?

Also stay tuned for another special post I’ll be making later today that I hinted at earlier this morning.

Until then enjoy!


My apologies everyone, I forgot to post this entry here, at the same I posted it on the conjoined Marc Forza Design Facebook page.

Journal Ambience (JA) #14 *Prologue* - Blizzcon Art Contest 2013 Entry - Compositional Studies

Attention guys! I hope you have all been keeping well, because you all get a special treat this week, with a prologue to the Journal Ambience #14 post!

The reason being, as I need all of your help to chime in and share each of your opinions, on the work I’ve been preparing, for Blizzard Entertainment’s Annual Blizzcon Art Contest (

The contest requirements is to essentially create a piece of original artwork/ design that resides in one of Blizzard’s acclaimed franchises: Starcraft, Warcraft (World of Warcraft), Diablo etc.

My entry is based upon the illustrious universe of Starcraft. The premise of my entry, is that I’ve been illustrating a scenario and conceptualising the idea of a fallen Terran Marine, who has been captured by the Protoss and surgically reformed by them, with the purpose of learning more about humans. What the Protoss end up creating, is a hybrid marine/ protoss humanoid creature, to serve them in battle. But it attempts to break free from it’s confinement - a suspended animation chamber and tries to escape from it’s captors by force. 

  Compositional Studies

My illustrations basically portray different viewpoints and moments of this short story I’ve concocted. Please keep in mind, they are also in a compositional/ developmental or “thumbnail” (Term used to describe artwork, first produced at a smaller ratio size, for the purposes of simply mapping out/ giving indication of how an illustration will be presented on a larger scale canvas) state, which is why they are not fully detailed and are loose sketches.

All I’m asking, is for you each of you, to simply take a moment and post (vote) what numbered illustration you like i.e. #1. That’s it! Or even better, I would greatly appreciate it if you could each include a reason with your vote that way I can understand where I am hitting and missing viewers’ interests with my works, so I can keep on improving. I’ll indeed inform you all of the one I’ve decided on, in part my judgement and which compositional piece receives the most votes. This will then kickstart the process of me refining and rendering one of these illustrations, into a beautiful piece of artwork that I can hopefully wow the judges with. The competition’s deadline is on August 23rd, so once they’ve posted the results I’ll notify you all here.

In due time, I’ll post the complete Journal Ambience #14 blog posting, once I’ve finished preparing my recount of what has recently been happening and what to expect in the near future.I would also like to welcome all my new followers/ friends and thank each one of them for their support. In addition to those that have been supporting me. I’m sincerely grateful.

Until then I await to read what each of you think of my work and hopefully you all won’t have to wait too long for JA #14?




My apologies everyone, I forgot to post this entry here, at the same I posted it on the conjoined Marc Forza Design Facebook page.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Journal Ambience (JA) #13 - Life Drawing, Mecha & ZBrush 3D Modelling

Attention friends and followers, Journal Ambience is back with a vengeance! 

After 5 weeks or so, since the last post, I’ve been toiling away attending life drawing classes, designing new mecha concepts, improving upon facets of self promotion and further extending my knowledge of ZBrush. Thanks to the tutelage of Ben Mauro (Elysium and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) and Bryan Wynia (God of War: Ascension).    

Once again I’ve been attending life drawing classes at the CDW (Concept Design Workshop) Studios, which is located on Level 3 of the Myer Centre, Rundle Mall Shopping District, Adelaide.

Below are attempts at using different artistic techniques, tools and mediums to capture the human anatomy:

Digital (Using Intuos Wacom Tablet in Adobe Photoshop):

Rendering with Copic Markers and creating Linework with Ball Point/ Felt Tip Pens:


Traditional based - Graphite Pencil Illustrations: 

In addition, I’ve been designing new mecha concepts, for the same undisclosed science - fiction genre based game project, I began and reported on in the last JA post. 

They have been designed with the intent in mind, to suit a futuristic civilisation, with a culture inspired by the aesthetic traits, of Feudal Japan’s Samurais.  

Below are ideations of transport vehicles, with forms derived from the anatomical structures of preying mantis' and tigers. Essentially I was aiming in creating what I thought embody the physical nature of samurai, which I believe are to be fast, elusive and in the case of vehicles streamlined as well. Also I felt these two animals represented elements that reflected the prowess of samurais. I envision these vehicles to be able to maneuver rapidly, dodging obstacles such as trees in a dense forest and then be able to transform from a flying vehicle, to a reconnaissance vehicle with mechanical limbs in order to scout the enemy from afar, by climbing high vantage points. Although I haven’t as yet illustrated the alternate forms of the vehicles, you can however see in my sketches, the arms resting by the sides of the vehicles that can angulate and be used for climbing.

Furthermore, the self promotional facets I have been engaged with in improving, have consisted increasing my frequency of networking, by cold canvassing local companies, contacting both local and international companies and updating the articulation and layouts of my resume and cover letters.

My new resume will be uploaded to both the Marc Forza Design blog and Facebook page.
Lastly, below are two projects I’ve been in the process of developing in ZBrush, to serve as a means of further learning the software. One is a self portrait and the other is a mech I’ve been refining, for one of my progressional intellectual properties (IP) that I introduced on my blog, with the working title name “Cybernetic”. The original work for this IP can be seen under the “Scenario Scenes” page link of my blog.

Overall I hope you have all enjoyed this body of work and please look forward to the next given post.

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Thank you.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Journal Ambience (JA) #12 - Life Drawing & Mecha

Welcome back to the 12th JA post! This post delivers a breadth of work from life drawings to mecha ideations.

The mecha ideations are for an undisclosed game/ film project, in the genre of science-fiction & fantasy. The narrative’s setting exists in a fictional world that comprises of eclectic styles ranging from “English” Steampunk, Advanced Mecha, “Futuristic-Samurai” and Half Mutated Humanoids. Each of these styles reflect a different city in the story, which house vehicles that the inhabitants operate. Designed for the respective purposes, of scouting, transporting and guarding/ protecting the cities.

The life drawings span across two separate classes, held at the local CDW studios.

 17/5/13 - CDW Life Drawing Class

24/5/13 - CDW Life Drawing Class

Overall I hope you have all enjoyed this body of work and please look forward to the next given post.

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Thank you.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Journal Ambience (JA) #11 - Branding, Character Design & Life Drawing

After a bit of a hiatus, Journal Ambience returns for its eleventh edition, to share with you all, a range of new designs and art work. This consists of work based on brand design, character design and life drawing.

The order of proceedings begins with character design - one aspect of a large scale and ongoing personal project, which I began in 2012 as a university assignment. The project consists of a narrative and concept art/designs for an original game, being written by myself which I have titled “Lucid Purity”. You all may have already seen my prior work on the Marc Forza Design blog under the “Characters/Creatures” page tab, but if you haven’t here is an evolution of the protagonist:

 Current Design

All the characters are loosely based upon various theorists, whom have all shaped the very framework of the creative process. You can read the full account of the story, its purpose, motivation, backgrounds of each of the characters and what inspired me in creating it, in JA #9.  

In addition I’ve been advancing the design and appearance of the prop that the protagonist will be engaged with.

I’ve also been amidst in experimenting with different gestures, of how I should individually draw the other cast of characters.

The next stage of affairs, involved attending another life drawing class, at the local CDW studios. Below is my collection of illustrations, individually drawn to different set durations, of the model posing. This class had a costume theme, with what appeared to be some influence of Arabian or Egyptian dress.

Lastly I’ve been assigned to do a bit of brand design work, for potential employment with the University of South Australia’s (UniSA): Career Services - Learning and Teaching Unit devision, for a project that involves designing a new sport logo. 

The scans below, reflect my initial stages of development, which like designing for any field, comprise of creating a theme board(s) that demonstrate imagery associated with the requirements of the brief, given to by the client, who requests and desires them to be implemented, within the design. I also display what imagery I’m inspired by as well, to visually highlight to the client, what is my thinking process and direction for the design. In particular for this project, UniSA provided me with links to brands of sporting teams that are associated with the university, not to mention competitive brands as well, of opposing institutional sporting clubs. The reason for this, as stipulated in the brief, is to provide me with an inclination, of the quality of branding that currently exists; to know what their expectations are, what styling is considered appropriate, in reflecting the university and or how the design I present can surpass what is present.

 Theme Board

  Mind Map

 Afterward I begin constructing a mind map, to categorise my thoughts and ideas. This is built in conjunction with the ideation phase of ideas - loose and later towards tighter sketches of brand concepts. To also enlist in the process, of facilitating ideas, I illustrate what I like to phrase, as “Visual Familiarities/ Clichés”. These are marks, icons and or symbols that in a rudimentary manner, reflect the objective of the brief. In this case symbols, marks and icons that are identified with education and sport.


Throughout the process of illustrating familiar visuals, I also attempted to combine them or aspects of their forms, in order to create unique graphics that could potentially be the logo I end up pursuing with. This normally boils down to a few finalist designs that I see as having potential.

Presently I have arrived at two brand concepts that I feel achieve the brief functionally and aesthetically. Before going into detail about the differences between the logos, two things that are the same about them, is that I decided to use the same colour scheme, with two variants to it and type, as used in the design of the UniSA logo, so that it naturally appears as though, it could be a part of the same family. 

The first design plays on a few connotations. The three peaked block like structure in the centre is intended to symbolise a winner’s podium, which can relate to both education and sport, with regard to winning a sporting event and completing a degree. It also draws upon the familiarity of a building, which wasn’t intentional but I suppose it can work, to remind viewers that the logo represents a university/ institute. Secondly the symbol above it, is supposed to be a mortar board, for the emphasis on education being reminded of in the logo. But I also drew it in such a way that it appears to have a shape that indicates passion through ferocity in competition, due to it’s sharp pointed lines. I also angled it rightly upward, as this is the direction in western culture and in geometry in general, to reflect a positive curvature, thereby further emphasising the connection between success and celebration. Additionally I drew the mortar board in the centre, as that is the peak, universally recognised for polling first place.

 Concept #1

 The second design, conveys a bit more energy than the previous concept. In this case, I illustrated an abstract form of a person celebrating after winning, in a typical cheering fashion, with arms raised gracefully, whilst leaping for joy. The individual is also donning a mortar board, to signal the person’s allegiance with the university. Not to mention that this feeling of embrace is interchangeable, in expressing success in both the contexts of the education and sporting environments, to highlight graduating with a degree and succeeding in a sport event.  Furthermore the directive motion of the figure is intentionally related again, to the nature of a positive curvature, thus symbolising achievement. Lastly the reason why the figure is segmentally drawn, is so as to accentuate the parts of the body in the form of letters that spell “UniSA”.     

Concept #2

Finally in order to test the feasibility and appearance of the logo in its destined and intended context. I superimposed it onto an existing photograph of a UniSA sport team:  

 Brand Contextual Display

Overall I hope you have all enjoyed this body of work and please look forward to the next given post.

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Thank you.

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