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(Update 3 of 3) Unit 44 Announcement and Spotlight of My Work

Below, is the third belated post I forgot to also cover on the blog. 

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Since OZ Comic-Con we've all been working hard on improving our abilities. Here's one of many studies Unit 44 member Marc Forza has done recently.


(Update 2 of 3) Game Review - Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Below is my original announcement, for the second belated post I forgot to also cover on the blog. 

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Another piece of news I would like to bring to your attention, is my second published game review, for the gaming and entertainment website, Retrospekt.

I am quite elated, as it is finally live for all to read. Follow the link below.

As the heading for this post quite clearly proclaims, I reviewed the classic game, the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, for the Nintendo 64 gaming console/platform.

I would greatly appreciate it, if you read it and please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about it, below.

Please enjoy.

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(Update 1 of 3) Drawing Practices - Human Head Studies

Hi friends and followers,

My apologies, for I have done it again. By which I mean that I forgot to post my three Marc Forza Design Facebook posts, conjointly with the blog.

So below, is the first of three posts I made back to back with each other, containing my prior account of the work I have recently been producing, along with the work itself.

Also, I forgot to mention in the original post that I have created a separate photo album on the Marc Forza Design Facebook page, titled Drawing Practices that will contain this post's work and future drawing studies I do.

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Drawing Practices - Human Head Studies

Hi friends and followers, 
I have returned to share, what I have been working on lately.

Over the course of the past week, under the guidance and recommendation of my closet friends, I have gone back to basics and been studying various techniques of anatomy drawing masters: Andrew Loomis, Michael Hampton, Stan Prokopenko, Kevin Chen, Frank Reilly and Chris Legaspi, to perfect my own ability, to confidently draw the human head.


The reason for this, is to improve my confidence, ability and pace, in drawing live portrait commissions for clients.

This period of study, has truly been a rewarding experience, as it has reinforced what I already know. In addition, I feel I’m a lot closer to succeeding in these areas of drawing, listed above.

Of special note, there’s nothing like being humbled and grounded too. So thank you to my Unit 44 members: Pae Dee, Winson Wang and Brandon Lee, for correcting my work too (red line work), offering your advice and sharing with me, each of your respective drawing construction processes.

Constructive criticism is difficult to swallow, but is without a doubt invaluable, for creative growth.

I can’t thank you gentlemen enough, for being so helpful and forthcoming with me about my work.

So please everyone, enjoy this showcase of work.

Kind regards,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Journal Ambience (JA) #17.3 - Restructuring My Life

Finally, as I already spoke about it in the JA#17 prologue, I was studying to become a teacher, specifically for middle and secondary teaching. Sadly I had to cancel my enrolment in the degree, due to it effecting my portfolio development, towards becoming a working artist/designer in the entertainment industry. 

During this time, I have also been dedicating my services to volunteering at my old school, Christian Brothers College in Adelaide.

This has been such a joy to me, as I was given the opportunity to teach students everything that I know about art and design. It also kept me grounded and help me reinforce what I have learnt, throughout my tenure at UniSA, CDW Studios and from studying various art and design tutorials.

Since I was going to embark on a new journey, I forgot to highlight online, a pivotal moment that has passed now, but that I’ll never forget, which marks the conclusion of my Visual Communications degree.

Photographs taken from my Visual Communications graduation ceremony can be found in the ‘photos’ album on the Marc Forza Design Facebook page.

Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications): Graduation Ceremony Photographs - 2013 

 The day was especially momentous, as I graduated the same day as my dad did, for his respective MBA degree.

 Group photo with my parents, brother and grandparents.

In addition, I have also included an album of photos from my Industrial Design graduation ceremony. I’ve already shared this on my personal page, but I have yet to document it here. 

The photos can be found in the same location, as mentioned for Visual Communications.

Bachelor of Industrial Design: Graduation Ceremony Photographs - 2010

If you recall the statement I made in JA#16, referring to a third announcement of two, I have already divulged, then this is what I was in fact alluding to sharing previously. I decided to withhold sharing it then, as I wasn’t entirely sure what would become of my new educational pathway, which has consequently led to this moment. 

I hope this final post was of some interest to you?

Until next time, take care.

Marc Forza

Journal Ambience (JA) #17.2 - Oz Comic Con

In preparation for Oz Comic Con, I was aiming to have at least five new pieces completed for the event. Unfortunately this did not happen due to a mismanagement of time, caused by having too many responsibilities, between university and comic con. Therefore, in addition to the one visible below, I assembled other older pieces that I created that I thought might interest attendees at the event?

These pieces are already on the blog and this Facebook page, so I won’t be uploading them again. But, I will list what they’re called:

- Mech 4: The Keiron Excavator
- Spiralling into the Looking Glass - My interpretation of a cover/ poster that represents the narrative    

- Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson - (Ditto)

and two prints that promote my design album on Marc Forza Design on Facebook called ‘Mecha Design Series: From Sketches to Renders’.

This new piece of work is a fan art piece, in tribute to two shows and their respective protagonists, Goku from the anime show Dragon Ball and DC Comics’ Superman.

It represents the ongoing debate between fans, concerning which main character would win in a bout, Goku or Superman. 

In addition, I drew Goku in his latest conceived form, Super Saiyan God, as seen in the newest Dragon Ball film titled, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Without sounding arrogant this makes my piece pretty unique, because at the moment there is no other fan art piece that I have seen that represents Goku against Superman in this form.

For those interested I still have 8 copies available, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like purchase one. 

Prints are A3 in size, the thickness of the paper is 300 gsm and they cost $15 each. Overall the quality of the print itself, is at a premium level.

I look forward to receiving responses.

Furthermore, if you were at the event and noticed the promotion of 1 limited print, signed by Sean Schemmel - the english voice actor of Goku, then I am sorry to say it has already been sold.

Finally, here are links to the collection of photos posted on the Unit 44 page and a photo from my personal page from Oz Comic Con, demonstrating our booth and presence at the event.

One last piece of news, Unit 44 will be appearing at AVCON in July 18-20 and Supernova in November 21-23 this year!

We look forward to seeing you there!

I hope you enjoy these too?

Thank you,

Marc Forza

Journal Ambience (JA) #17.1 - Mech Sketches

Compiled below are sketches of mechs that I have been developing up until now

Thank you,

Marc Forza

Journal Ambience (JA) #17 - Prologue: Oz Comic Con 2014, Mech Sketches & Restructuring My Life

Hi friends and followers,

I hope you have all been keeping well?

It has been some time since I last made a post. The reason for this, as I have been undertaking quite a number of projects and restructuring my life.  

Since the beginning of March, I decided to pursue a career in teaching, so that I had an avenue to impart the knowledge I have attained from completing previous design degrees. For the most part it proved fruitful and I actually grew to like the profession, which is astonishing to me. As I still consider myself an introvert and I was far less confident during my childhood years, never thinking I would ever become a teacher.    

However, I came to the tough realisation that I cannot equally balance my time between studying and developing my portfolio, towards becoming a working artist/designer in the entertainment industry and so I chose to withdraw from the degree.

So, I have now decided to focus my full attention, in improving my folio in order to achieve one of my life’s ambitions, of working for a design studio, in-house or externally. I’m currently seeking all design businesses, who are willingly to give me my first opportunity.  

In addition to this, I have been preparing and organising, along with my cohort of friends, (of which we call ourselves Unit 44), our first public appearance, as being an exhibitor at Oz Comic Con, in our local city of Adelaide.

Finally, I have been meaning to demonstrate new mecha sketches with all of you. 

One last note, due to feedback I have received, I will post this content individually, as opposed to how I would normally list all work in one post, which would become verbose.

Therefore, please stay tuned for subsequent JA#17 sub-posts.

I would love to hear your feedback, if this a better method moving forward.

Before I conclude this prologue, please like and follow my other domains at:

I also do in fact have a DeviantArt profile, but keep in mind that it has yet to be updated properly. You can find it below at:

Additionally, I formed a group with five other local artists and designers called "Unit 44". You can find our current web domain below at:

Look forward to more works in the future, as soon as we've promoted them.

Lastly, please feel free to leave your constructive opinions and advice below and on the blog.

Thank you,

Marc Forza

Attention! New Mecha Design Series

Hi friends and followers,

I have just embarrassingly realised that I forgot to announce here, of a new design album I created on the conjoined Marc Forza Design Facebook page.

Therefore I would just like to reiterate my statement that I wrote then.

"I would like to announce for the Marc Forza Design Facebook page, a new design collection titled, the 'Mecha Design Series: From Sketches to Renders'.

Essentially, the collection comprises of original mech sketches, lifted from my sketchbooks that will eventually be transformed into rendered pieces.

To commemorate this occasion, attached with this post are a few designs I have recently conceived and illustrated. 

However, please keep in mind that the sketches are not all necessarily indicative of perfect designs, but are an explorative journey of ideas that I am testing.

On the other hand, the rendered pieces signify, what I feel are near to perfect designs.

Overall, this collection is designed to highlight my growth in creative thinking and illustrating, specifically geared towards mecha design.

Please enjoy,

Thank you."

Directly proceeding this post, I will also be posting Journal Ambience (JA)#17!

Look forward to that shortly.

Thanks again,

Marc Forza  

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