Friday, December 28, 2012

Journal Ambience #2 - Mech Ideation 2

Journal Ambience is back for the second week in a row, to present some more mech ideation particularly re-visiting a previous mech concept and further investigation into last week’s design.

In regard to what is shown, some time has been taken to refine an earlier mech concept devised and archived under the “props” section of the Marc Forza Design blog.

[Mech Concept 2 that is indicative of biomimicry, in the sense of adapting the anatomies of a spider, orangutan and crab] 

[Demonstrating the functionality and capabilities of Mech 2 and above are two loose compositional ideas to place Mech 1 in a scenario scene] 

The first mech is a re-design of the figure 1 concept, archived under the “props” section of the blog. It is indicative of biomimicry, in the sense of adapting the anatomies of a spider, orangutan and crab. The mech is designed to traverse all terrain and inclines with it’s spider inspired limbs. The orangutan part of this mech is present in the mech’s altered form, from crawling to an upright position, mimicking the ape’s gesture. When in it’s upright position, mechanical legs rotate rapidly on a movable platform tangential to the circular cockpit. The force generated by it’s legs rotational movement, allow the mech to travel at high speeds and inadvertently acts as a weaponised drill. Also when the mech is in it’s prone position, it can channel it’s legs to drill under ground.

Currently still under development, this project will be documented weekly until it’s completion.

[Further investigation into the cockpit and two sections of Mech 1's arm and leg]  

The second mech is, as said earlier a further investigation into the form and function of last week’s shown design. At this point in time the cockpit and two sections of the mech’s arm and leg have begun to be re-addressed. It too is still under development and it’s progress will be shown next week.  

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Journal Ambience #1 - Mech Ideation

Welcome to the first weekly post titled "Journal Ambience".

This serial post will be updated every Friday, with new work that is in progress.

This week is all about Mech design, with some continual developments of a previous project.

Below is a before (left) and "work in progress" after (right) comparison image of the mech concept in development:

The design is an envisioned scout and transport mech. The mech is designed to leap long distance distances and grasp and climb vertical terrain/ surfaces. In addition it can defend itself by cloaking and transform into a cylindrical form, so as to travel at a higher velocity, thus becoming an even more destructive force.

[Design impression of the mech in it's cylindrical form.]

Stay tuned for further design and visual progress made to this design in the following weeks. Also view the "Props" page where previous mech work has been produced, as well as seeing a glimpse of the next mech that will be refined.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

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