Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Journal Ambience “JA” #14 (Cont.) - Blizzcon Art Contest ’13 Entry Piece: Final Rendering

Hi to all my friends and followers, first of all I would to inform you all that Journal Ambience (JA) #14 will be spread across multiple posts this time, due to the tight scheduling of projects on my part that is preventing me from posting my typical thorough account, of my recent work endeavours. Therefore, I hope you all enjoy over the next couple of weeks the posts I make, highlighting what has recently been happening in the progression of my career.

For this post I would just like to give a big thanks to everyone that helped offer their opinions and selections towards the development of my Blizzcon Art Contest piece, whether it be on this page, other pages and in person, thank you so much. From each of your inputs I decided to merge compositions numbers 3, 4 and 6 and produced two new ones to select from again. In the end #7 satisfied me attached to this post and accompanying it, I hereby present to you all my final rendered piece of concept art (at least for the competition deadline). I hope you all like it?

Also stay tuned for another special post I’ll be making later today that I hinted at earlier this morning.

Until then enjoy!


My apologies everyone, I forgot to post this entry here, at the same I posted it on the conjoined Marc Forza Design Facebook page.

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