Friday, November 20, 2015

Journal Ambience (JA) #24.4 - Advertising/Editorial, *Fan Art* & Life Drawing

Finally friends, the last piece of work I have to share at this time, is my fan art and or advertising/editorial piece that celebrates the entertainment franchise Transformers, particularly the creation of its famous protagonist, the Autobot Optimus Prime and the incredible artists, who brought him to life: mechanical concept artist/designer, Shoji Kawamori and voice actor, Peter Cullen.

I was intending to finish this in time for last year’s ‘Supernova’ convention, since Peter was a special guest (whom I also had the special opportunity of meeting), but unfortunately time escaped me. This has also been one of those pieces I’ve had in the archives for awhile, but haven’t showed it until this point, as I haven’t been too pleased with its execution. However, since the last couple of weeks, I’ve been refining it again, do I feel it’s pretty close to what I originally envisioned. Not to mention, previously I didn’t have Shoji included in the artwork, as I didn’t think of it at the time, so illustrating him too, as well as capturing both of their likenesses has been the reasons for the time lapsed in making this artwork. 

In addition to this closely finished illustration, I’ve also included all of the thumbnail ideations, I created that helped shape the composition, I eventually arrived at. 

 (Work in Progress)

 As for the thought process behind this piece, my main objective was how to best capture the personality and abilities of Optimus Prime and equally demonstrate how these two creative individuals, lent their skills to form this iconic character. Since Optimus’ archetype is a proud and noble leader, is large in stature and yet is mobile - by aptly transforming his appearance, I therefore decided to create him from a dynamic top down perspective, to dramatically emphasise his scale. For it is drawn as though he engrosses the page, much like Optimus’ demeanour. Additionally, since the character is the result of both Peter and Shoji’s visions, this perspective, helps to achieve the arrangement, of symbolising Optimus Prime, as the inception of their ideas, by emerging proverbially from Peter’s head - mouth and from Shoji’s head - hands. Ultimately transforming him into existence. Hopefully these ideals are communicated effectively and therefore understood.

Both Shoji Kawamori and Peter Cullen’s impact on pop culture and entertainment cannot be understated. Peter’s voice changed a generation, by lending his voice, to breathe life into what would become one of the most memorable and much loved animated characters of all time, in Optimus Prime. But he also has a long line of credits, which include popular animations, such as ‘The Jetsons’ and Voltron: Defender of the Universe’. Shoji’s work history is also impressive and highly influentional. Apart from designing the great cultural icon, Optimus Prime, he has also designed vehicles and robots (or mechs) for anime, which include Macross (Robotech in the U.S.), Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell, to just name a few and is responsible for creating the mechs, in the long standing, cult gaming franchise, Armored Core; amongst other game titles.

Shoji and Peter’s works can be found via their IMDB and Wikipedia pages and on various entertainment websites, listed below:

Shoji Kawamori:



Peter Cullen:



All in all, hopefully I’ll have this piece fully completed, by the end of this week and I hope you have enjoyed all the content parts of this Journal Ambience #24.

Again many thanks for continuing to support me, and as a reminder expect work to definitely be posted, no later than Sunday 6pm ACDT, each week. 

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Journal Ambience (JA) #24.3 - Advertising/Editorial, Fan Art & *Life Drawing*

The third post is a compilation of my recent life drawing pieces, drawn once again at local CDW Studios.

In addition to this I decided to create an album/ folio that chronicles this type of work and that catalogues my previous best life drawings. Also, I figured I would separate how my life drawing works are presented, as they have enough distinction to warrant their own subsect of my portfolio, so as to make it easier to find and for those that just want to see this type of work.

All in all, this concludes Journal Ambience #24.3, but please look forward to #24.4, being posted soon.

Thank you,


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Journal Ambience (JA) #24.2 - *Advertising/Editorial*, Fan Art & Life Drawing

The second advertising/editorial piece, is an illustration that I attempted to finish for local newspaper The Advertiser and its annual Youth Edition competition, for its sub publication, SA Weekend.

At the time when the competition finished, I wasn’t sure whether to post what I had done, as firstly I wasn’t sure if I entirely liked it and secondly if it met the vision that I had for it. Furthermore, I didn’t think it would generate interest, since it is after all another unfinished piece. Nevertheless, since this JA series is intended to highlight all works that are in development, I decided to share it.

As for my thinking behind the piece, my intention was to illustrate and highlight the vast array and diversity of cultures that young people have brought to Australia (or in particular Adelaide), with their families’ heritage and combined together, how enriching it makes our lifestyle. My intent, is also meant to subtly show my support of the refugee crisis, by creating a piece that welcomes and celebrates all ethnicities. 

This concludes Journal Ambience #24.2, but please look forward to #24.3 and 24.4, arriving shortly.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Journal Ambience (JA) #24.1 - *Advertising/Editorial*, Fan Art & Life Drawing

Hi friends,

I hope you’ve all been keeping well?

Before I proceed to explain the work I’ve been creating, the reason for my absence again, of which I feel guilty and apologise once more for, is largely due to my continual involvement with work for clients that I’m unable to share with you all yet. Therefore, I invested additional time, to create a variety of personal works, so that in the meantime I can share these projects with all of you right now that also help to articulate the avenues, I am directing my work towards.

The collection of work for this JA, will be split into 4 parts, as the title header suggests. Firstly, two advertising/ editorial pieces, one piece of Fan Art (And or advertising/editorial piece) and finally a compilation of new Life Drawings.The first of the Advertising/Editorial pieces is a range of thumbnail illustrations, illustrating my new endeavour to create works, more suited to these industries. More specifically, my intent is to create pieces that promote new scientific and technologic achievements in the world. This doubles as an added incentive for me, to be more frequently current, with what progress is being made in these fields that ashamedly isn’t reported enough in general media that I’d like to do my best to help change. Consequently, I hope I design interesting pieces that people will get excited about and thus will hopefully feel compelled to learn more about the story, I’m communicating.

Therefore, in this post are concepts for a final illustration that promotes the scientific story of the new three Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology or Medicine: William C. Campbell, Satoshi Omura and Youyou Tu, who were awarded for discovering a therapy against malaria.

If you’re interested in learning more about this news then follow the corresponding link,…/william-c-campbell-satoshi-omu….

In terms of which thumbnail concept that I’ll pursue in refining, I think it will be ‘Concept B’. As it seems to have the strongest and most interesting composition. Furthermore, I would like to somehow incorporate the atom symbol that I experimented in arranging within some other concepts I designed. This is to help further communicate that these luminaries are in the field of chemistry, as it is the universal symbol for this scientific discipline.
Technically this story transpired last month, so to avoid such a delay happening again, I’m making a pledge to you - my audience and especially myself, to post new works weekly.

This is obviously to present works, not too long after a story has been reported, so that they’re fresh with current discussions about the stories and that people are informed when they closely happened.

This is actually a definitive pledge that I’m making now, for my output and timeframe between posts, in general. For that reason, expect new work to be posted no later than Sunday 6pm ACDT.

All in all, I hope you have liked what you have seen so far and remember to stay tuned for remaining posts 24.2, 24.3 and 24.4 that will proceed this one, shortly.

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