Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Equivocal Mind

Hi friends and followers, I would like to finally share with you all, a project I’ve been working on with my brother Paul and cousin Livio - a short film titled “An Equivocal Mind”.

An Equivocal Mind is an original feature, written and directed by Paul that explores a man’s deepest and most inner thoughts from a certain situation and perspective.

My role during this project, was to assist with the editing stage. In transforming the original raw footage, to an aesthetic that delivers on the mood and ambience that Paul desired. I also play a small role, as a character walking past in the background, of one of the scenes in the movie.

Members of our family and friends, assisted with various aspects of production and performed. 

Apart from myself and Paul (whom I've already mentioned), the rest of the production team includes: Livio Forza - the musical director, who produced an original score for this picture and sound designer and producer, Sachin Kapoor.

The remainder are the cast featured in the film. They include:

Adam Forza
Assunta Forza
Daniel Koutlakis
Domenica Forza
Domenic Meehan
Jane Forza
Lei Son
Livio Forza
Marc Forza
Patrick Madigan
Paul Forza
Phillip Lau
Sarina Tripodi
Vincent Esposito

In addition, special thanks must be given to our family, for allowing us to film at the premises of the family business - Forza Continental: Forza Family Proprietary Limited, for the locales in our footage.

Furthermore, recognition must be given to Henry Fuseli, for his art piece titled “Silence” and Francis Bacon’s artwork titled “Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X”, for their inclusion in the film.

Embedded below is a link to the film that is available to view on youtube:

This film, also commemorates the formation of Paul and Livio’s filmmaking group, 1-UP Productions and marks the beginning of what I’m sure will be an incredible portfolio of work.

I applaud everyone’s tireless efforts and congratulate my brother, in completing his first film and dream project. I’m so proud to see what he has achieved and I was honoured to help make one of his dreams a reality.

If you are interested to see more of my own personal work, then I welcome you to visit my web domains listed below, where they are presented:

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We hope you all like the film?

Thank you.

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