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News Alert! - New Impending Review


Hello again everyone,

As I said in JA#16, my new review for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will be published soon, on Adelaide based, retro gaming website Retropspekt:

To whet your appetites, here is a fantastic piece of fan art that I discovered whilst compiling imagery for the review that I absolutely love.

I would also love to reference the artist, but unfortunately I couldn’t find their name. If someone does know then please contact me, so that I can appropriately acknowledge this person’s brilliant work.

Lastly I have another piece of news to announce and that is what I’ll be reviewing next.

Behold below, the cult game title Panzer Dragoon!

I’ve included a teaser trailer of the game and menu screen, so you all can experience a glimpse of it’s aesthetic and ambience:

Panzer Dragoon, is largely inspired by the renowned french artist, Jean Giraud aka Moebius; to the extent that he even illustrated the Japanese cover of the game:

If you’re not aware of him or his work, then I greatly insist and recommend you witness his portfolio.

Attached below is a link to his website:

I hope you all adore his work, as much as I do? 

In addition, below is a brief storied history of his career, thanks to gaming journalism website, Kotaku:

I would also like to reveal that in the proceeding months, I’ll eventually end up reviewing the whole series that was designed and released for the Sega Saturn game console. I’m particular eager to eventually experience, the ultra rare game Panzer Dragoon Saga, which I am so thankful I managed to attain late last year. It’s an esteem title that has been touted amongst critics and gamers, as maybe performing the illustrious Final fantasy VII. Unfortunately, It may be some time before I eventually review this title, so please stay tuned.

Finally, sometime this year, I’ll eventually create separate Facebook and blog pages that specifically house my reviews. So please stay tuned for that too.

In any case take care and look forward to my third post soon. In which I reveal a new career avenue.

Thank you. 

Journal Ambience (JA) #16 - Oz Comic Con Preparations & Life Drawings

Hi friends and followers,

I hope you have all been keeping well?

First of all, my apologies for my absence, but I have been busily preparing work for certain projects, some of which I can finally share with you all.

One of which, is in light of my recent announcement, of being registered for Oz Comic Con this year in Adelaide. Alongside my Unit 44 cohort.

We have been feverishly engaged with preparations for the show, particularly creating our respective pieces of work that we’ll be showcasing and brand (logo) development, to promote our group.

At this point in time, I am unable to share my personal concepts that have been used in the development of our logo, since we have yet to come to a decision on the final design. But what I can share, are some personal works in progress that may be showcased at Comic Con. I’m still deliberating on them:

 Left is mine and right is Yoji Shinkawa's

(Sound off in the comments, if you think I should proceed.)

This is fan art of two well known mechs that are a part, of the critically acclaimed gaming franchise, Metal Gear. Inspired by the designs and conception, of the masterful concept artist and art director for the franchise, Yoji Shinkawa.    

They are presented, as side by side comparisons of particular pieces of his that I was observing and practicing from.

More than not, Shinkawa will illustrate, by using traditional art tools and techniques. This case is no exception, in which he has applied his signature inking method. However, my intention with my pieces, is to try and imitate his style of strokes and mark making in ink, with a personal twist, utilising art software Adobe Photoshop. In particular, I’ve used custom brushes (thanks to concept artist Jamie Jones for sharing them) that give the impression that I’m working with charcoal and that I've made brush strokes. This is to achieve that raw and energetic nature that is another signature presentation style of Skinkawa’s.

There are many other pieces that I’ve been developing, but I feel they’re not quite at a stage to show. This leads into my next announcement, in that each proceeding Journal Ambience post, will mostly be directed towards work, being prepared for Oz Comic Con. Theses pieces will be a mixture of original work and fan art. To divulge a bit more, fan art will consist of cross-overs with different franchises and the original work that I’m aiming to present, will be a series of unique mech designs I’ve designed.

As a final note to this post, I attended my first life drawing class of this year, last Friday and below are my illustrations:

Overall I hope you have all enjoyed this body of work and look forward to two other posts after this one. The second, highlights my impending new game review and what I’ll be reviewing next for Retrospekt and the third, summarises another career path I’m undertaking.

In addition, please look forward to seeing more of my work in the next JAs

Also, please like and follow my other domains at:

I also do in fact have a DeviantArt profile, but please keep in mind that it has yet to be updated properly. You can find it below at:

Additionally, in the last year, I formed a group with five other local artists called "Unit 44". You can find our current web domain below at:

Look forward to more works in the future, as soon as we've promoted them.

Lastly, please feel free to leave your constructive opinions and advice below and on the Facebook page.

Thank you.

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