Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Journal Ambience “JA” #14 (Cont.) - Showcase Concert

Hello again dearest friends, the final news that I have to share with you all today, is a partnership I have arranged with a few prominent local musicians, to host a showcase. This will be an intimate concert that will allow my pieces to be seen and respected in a serene environment.

The collaboration will be with my meticulous cousin Livio Forza, the sentimental Siobhan Owen and the dynamic Mark Sandon. The four of us will be hosting the concert on the 26th of October at 'The Manse,' a local art community which is based at the Clayton-Wesley Uniting Church in Beulah Park. At 7pm the doors open, to allow a viewing of my works and a chance to interact with us about our passion. Then at 7:30pm the concert shall commence.

The concert is given the general title 'showcase' to express the intent of our artistic talents without being burdened by an overarching theme. Myself in art and design, Livio via music composition, Siobhan by singing and playing the harp, while on piano is the ever vibrant Mark. Livio will present twelve of his contemporary compositions, one in which is his interpretation of one of my own concept art pieces, which Siobhan and Mark will beautifully perform. In addition, I will return the honour and provide visual interpretations of three of Livio’s works, with three digital paintings.

We hope everyone can attend and enjoy all of the hard work that we have each poured into the concert.

Ticket prices are:

Adults = $10
Children (14 and Under) = $5

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Journal Ambience “JA” #14 (Cont.) - Blizzcon Art Contest ’13 Entry Piece: Final Rendering

Hi to all my friends and followers, first of all I would to inform you all that Journal Ambience (JA) #14 will be spread across multiple posts this time, due to the tight scheduling of projects on my part that is preventing me from posting my typical thorough account, of my recent work endeavours. Therefore, I hope you all enjoy over the next couple of weeks the posts I make, highlighting what has recently been happening in the progression of my career.

For this post I would just like to give a big thanks to everyone that helped offer their opinions and selections towards the development of my Blizzcon Art Contest piece, whether it be on this page, other pages and in person, thank you so much. From each of your inputs I decided to merge compositions numbers 3, 4 and 6 and produced two new ones to select from again. In the end #7 satisfied me attached to this post and accompanying it, I hereby present to you all my final rendered piece of concept art (at least for the competition deadline). I hope you all like it?

Also stay tuned for another special post I’ll be making later today that I hinted at earlier this morning.

Until then enjoy!


My apologies everyone, I forgot to post this entry here, at the same I posted it on the conjoined Marc Forza Design Facebook page.

Journal Ambience (JA) #14 *Prologue* - Blizzcon Art Contest 2013 Entry - Compositional Studies

Attention guys! I hope you have all been keeping well, because you all get a special treat this week, with a prologue to the Journal Ambience #14 post!

The reason being, as I need all of your help to chime in and share each of your opinions, on the work I’ve been preparing, for Blizzard Entertainment’s Annual Blizzcon Art Contest (

The contest requirements is to essentially create a piece of original artwork/ design that resides in one of Blizzard’s acclaimed franchises: Starcraft, Warcraft (World of Warcraft), Diablo etc.

My entry is based upon the illustrious universe of Starcraft. The premise of my entry, is that I’ve been illustrating a scenario and conceptualising the idea of a fallen Terran Marine, who has been captured by the Protoss and surgically reformed by them, with the purpose of learning more about humans. What the Protoss end up creating, is a hybrid marine/ protoss humanoid creature, to serve them in battle. But it attempts to break free from it’s confinement - a suspended animation chamber and tries to escape from it’s captors by force. 

  Compositional Studies

My illustrations basically portray different viewpoints and moments of this short story I’ve concocted. Please keep in mind, they are also in a compositional/ developmental or “thumbnail” (Term used to describe artwork, first produced at a smaller ratio size, for the purposes of simply mapping out/ giving indication of how an illustration will be presented on a larger scale canvas) state, which is why they are not fully detailed and are loose sketches.

All I’m asking, is for you each of you, to simply take a moment and post (vote) what numbered illustration you like i.e. #1. That’s it! Or even better, I would greatly appreciate it if you could each include a reason with your vote that way I can understand where I am hitting and missing viewers’ interests with my works, so I can keep on improving. I’ll indeed inform you all of the one I’ve decided on, in part my judgement and which compositional piece receives the most votes. This will then kickstart the process of me refining and rendering one of these illustrations, into a beautiful piece of artwork that I can hopefully wow the judges with. The competition’s deadline is on August 23rd, so once they’ve posted the results I’ll notify you all here.

In due time, I’ll post the complete Journal Ambience #14 blog posting, once I’ve finished preparing my recount of what has recently been happening and what to expect in the near future.I would also like to welcome all my new followers/ friends and thank each one of them for their support. In addition to those that have been supporting me. I’m sincerely grateful.

Until then I await to read what each of you think of my work and hopefully you all won’t have to wait too long for JA #14?




My apologies everyone, I forgot to post this entry here, at the same I posted it on the conjoined Marc Forza Design Facebook page.

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