Monday, July 8, 2013

Journal Ambience (JA) #13 - Life Drawing, Mecha & ZBrush 3D Modelling

Attention friends and followers, Journal Ambience is back with a vengeance! 

After 5 weeks or so, since the last post, I’ve been toiling away attending life drawing classes, designing new mecha concepts, improving upon facets of self promotion and further extending my knowledge of ZBrush. Thanks to the tutelage of Ben Mauro (Elysium and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) and Bryan Wynia (God of War: Ascension).    

Once again I’ve been attending life drawing classes at the CDW (Concept Design Workshop) Studios, which is located on Level 3 of the Myer Centre, Rundle Mall Shopping District, Adelaide.

Below are attempts at using different artistic techniques, tools and mediums to capture the human anatomy:

Digital (Using Intuos Wacom Tablet in Adobe Photoshop):

Rendering with Copic Markers and creating Linework with Ball Point/ Felt Tip Pens:


Traditional based - Graphite Pencil Illustrations: 

In addition, I’ve been designing new mecha concepts, for the same undisclosed science - fiction genre based game project, I began and reported on in the last JA post. 

They have been designed with the intent in mind, to suit a futuristic civilisation, with a culture inspired by the aesthetic traits, of Feudal Japan’s Samurais.  

Below are ideations of transport vehicles, with forms derived from the anatomical structures of preying mantis' and tigers. Essentially I was aiming in creating what I thought embody the physical nature of samurai, which I believe are to be fast, elusive and in the case of vehicles streamlined as well. Also I felt these two animals represented elements that reflected the prowess of samurais. I envision these vehicles to be able to maneuver rapidly, dodging obstacles such as trees in a dense forest and then be able to transform from a flying vehicle, to a reconnaissance vehicle with mechanical limbs in order to scout the enemy from afar, by climbing high vantage points. Although I haven’t as yet illustrated the alternate forms of the vehicles, you can however see in my sketches, the arms resting by the sides of the vehicles that can angulate and be used for climbing.

Furthermore, the self promotional facets I have been engaged with in improving, have consisted increasing my frequency of networking, by cold canvassing local companies, contacting both local and international companies and updating the articulation and layouts of my resume and cover letters.

My new resume will be uploaded to both the Marc Forza Design blog and Facebook page.
Lastly, below are two projects I’ve been in the process of developing in ZBrush, to serve as a means of further learning the software. One is a self portrait and the other is a mech I’ve been refining, for one of my progressional intellectual properties (IP) that I introduced on my blog, with the working title name “Cybernetic”. The original work for this IP can be seen under the “Scenario Scenes” page link of my blog.

Overall I hope you have all enjoyed this body of work and please look forward to the next given post.

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Please feel free, to leave your constructive opinions and advice below and on the blog.

Thank you.

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