Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter friends! Hope you all have a nice and momentous day. Best wishes!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brand Design - Convenience R’ US (Formerly Ezy Fuel SA) Project

Hi Friends,

I hope you’ve all been keeping well?

My it has been some time, since I last shared work with you all. I didn’t realise this, until I began preparing this post. I therefore, apologise for showing a seemingly lack of activity, but I reassure you that this is far from the case.

Throughout this year and some of last year too, I’ve been quite elated and hard at work, having been given the opportunity, by a few respective clients, to design varying content for them. As much as it is exciting, to be given such work, understandably I haven’t been able to share it, not until I’ve been given approval to, once they have decided to publicly release them and that some projects are still ongoing.

Therefore, I am proud and excited to finally share with you, one of these projects. The logo that I designed for Adelaide petrol station and convenience store business, ‘Convenience R’ US’.

CONVENIENCE R' US (Revised Name)-Formerly EZY FUEL SA-Second Logo-Final 'Adopted/Chosen' Design

The logo, is actually a transformation of an earlier design, of which the prior one was finished several months ago. The first logo was praised by the client, but the reason for the alteration, is that the client decided to slightly shift the focus of his business, more towards being a convenience store and offer petrol, through his partnership, with company Liberty, after becoming a franchisee of them. Consequently, the business name also changed, where by the first logo, reflected its former name in the design. However, the overall ethos and symbolism of the logo has not changed, which is why there are similarities between them.

The message behind the business that the client obviously desired to have portrayed, is a proud reflection of his culture, family and commitment, to delivering a great experience, through an immediate service, provided to customers. The client’s name is Shahab and is of Persian descent, which means ‘shooting star’ in his language. Hence, the significance of a shooting star like design, being present in both concepts; along with the subliminal gesture of the designs, reflecting an ’S’. It is not only the beginning letter of his first name, but last name too.

CONVENIENCE R' US (Revised Name)-Formerly EZY FUEL SA-First Logo-Final Design-Concepts

Originally, the business name was Ezy Fuel S.A. and so the letters ’E’ = Ezy [Ref. Behind The Scenes (BTS) Diagram 1, Annotation (ANTN) 1] ’F’ = Fuel (BTS Diagram 1, ANTN 2) and ’S’ = Shahab (BTS Diagram 1, ANTN 3) were used in an abstract manner, to portray a unique shooting star, much like a constellation of sorts, for the first logo. Additionally, since the service that the business provides, is in petrol and a convenience store, naturally the nature and gesture of a shooting star, relates to his customers too, which would mostly be motorists. Thus, my decision to design the logo, with swiftness in mind.

CONVENIENCE R' US (Revised Name)-Formerly EZY FUEL SA-First Logo-Final Design-Behind the Scenes

During that time too, two variations of the first logo, were being decided upon. Ultimately the one with he yellow background, was the ideal choice for the client, due to colour theory that suggests yellow is a subliminal enticement for hunger, which was novel to him, as another means to encourage customers to his business. However, I thought I would still share the other variation, as both him and I still admire them both. Furthermore, by happy accident, another variation was produced, when I photographed the logo, off of my computer screen, using my phone. The energy emitting from the computer, created a moiré effect or pattern over the top of my design, which seems appealing to me. So, here are some bonus designs, for you to peruse.

CONVENIENCE R' US (Revised Name)-Formerly EZY FUEL SA-Second Logo-Final 'Adopted/Chosen' Design-Behind the Scenes

The second and final adopted logo, is as already stated, an adaptation of the first design, with the obvious change being the emission of the letters ‘E’ and ‘F’ (for reasons, as described earlier). Since the business is now called Convenience R’ US and with the adjective ‘convenience’ driving the brand, the letter ’C’ (which is obviously used, to reference the word) (BTS Diagram 2, ANTN 1), is reflected in the curves that connect each point, of the large five pointed star. Also, the stroke which trails from and signifies the star, as a shooting star, in a stylised way, was intentionally designed in this manner, so that its contour, which follows the right edge outline of the large star and continues, ending at the tip of the right hand farthest point of it, embody the form of an ’S’ (BTS Diagram 2, ANTN 2). Moreover, to drive the motif of the brand further, the client desired for the form of the star, to also portray a figure in movement i.e. sprinting, leaping etc. which is why I designed the shooting star, in this fashion. As in my mind, it abstractly resembles a figure - the star, leaping over a bar, hurdle or sprinting and breaking through a finishing line tape - the trailing stroke. In addition, the client desired to see more ties to his family, be portrayed in the logo, specifically his children and so the three smaller stars (BTS Diagram 2, ANTN 3), are intended to represent them. Conjointly, during the briefing of this final concept, an idea was generated that would add purpose and significance to the already clever strategy, of using yellow (as previously explained), for the logo. This would be, a more authentic reason, to use ‘blue’ for the logo. But, unlike what was used before, this time a very specific tone would be adapted. And so the idea was, to adapt the tone of blue, from the Lapis Lazuli stone, a culturally significant mineral, of the client’s Persian culture.

Accompanying the final concept designs, is my ideation work, along with the research, theme boards as well. This is to demonstrate, my thought and creative process. Also included, are photos of the client’s business, with the logo contextually placed, throughout it. 

CONVENIENCE R' US (Revised Name)-Formerly EZY FUEL SA-Ideation

CONVENIENCE R' US (Revised Name)-Formerly EZY FUEL SA-Research-Theme Boards

CONVENIENCE R' US (Revised Name)-Formerly EZY FUEL SA-Second Logo-Final 'Adopted/Chosen' Design-Contextual Placement

Finally, if you are interested and want to witness the brand in person, but more importantly, to support a local business, then please visit Convenience R’ US, located at 239 Henley Beach Rd, Torrensville, Adelaide, South Australia.

Again, thank you everyone, for your continual support and interest in my work. I hope you have enjoyed this post?

And of course, congratulations to the client, Shahab, in launching his business and I wish him ongoing success, into the future. Many thanks again, for the opportunity to design your brand.

Until next time, best regards,


Monday, January 18, 2016

Apology for Delayed Notice

Hi friends,

I hope you've all been well?

This is just a brief message to apologise for no notice on Sunday, about not being able to keep to my pledge last week, of showing new content then. The reason is simply due to being preoccupied, with a commissioned project.

Therefore, I hope to rectify this, by having new work to share with you all, by the end of the week. If not, then I should be able to in the following week.

All in all, thanks for your patience and best regards,


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Journal Ambience (JA) #25 - Science &/ Technology Illustrations no.2

Hi friends,

I hope you’ve all had a great start to the new year?
To commence 2016, what I intend to share with you, are illustrations that continue my series of work, dedicated to promoting advancements, in science and or technology.
Having said this and before I continue, I would like to note that I’m fully aware that I haven’t staid true to my pledge, in which I assured that work would be posted no later than Sunday 6pm ACDT, each week, of which I believe I am over due by two weeks? Therefore, I apologise for my absence and will do my best to not repeat this, or at most, keep it from happening, to a minimum short number of times. This has been attributed, to a combination of being preoccupied, due to events and errands that were tied to the festive season, the re-commencement of a commissioned job and other personal commitments.

Now that that’s been cleared, I will now return to explaining what is the news story that these illustrations are communicating. 

The context of this work, is in regard to the news, of a groundbreaking Chinese medicine trial for dementia patients, which could see the result, of curing those from the disease.
The clinical trial involves a herbal remedy, known as Sailuotong (SLT), which is a pill made up of a complex combination of ginko, ginseng and saffron.

Chief Investigator from the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM), Associate Professor Dennis Chang leads this scientific breakthrough and explained that it has taken ten years to reach this point of development.

For more information, follow the link below:

This news is courtesy of SBS World News, whom published and broadcasted it, on the 1st of December, 2015.

All in all, I hope you found this news interesting and liked the array of ‘thumbnail’ or pre-production compositions/illustrations I created, to communicate this scientific achievement.

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Thank you.


Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Message of Thanks

Happy New Year in advance everyone! 

This illustration is an expression of my gratitude, for your continual support this year and a final piece to bookend the year with. 

All in all, I look forward to sharing more work with you, in the new year and wish you all the best for 2016.

Thank you 

Also, below is the original illustration that I intended to post on Christmas Day, combined with the celebratory message of wishing everyone a Happy New Years. But, I was unable to, due to various reasons.

Once again thank you all for your continual support and I looking to sharing new work with you in 2016.

Best wishes!   


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