Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Journal Ambience “JA” #14 (Cont.) - Showcase Concert

Hello again dearest friends, the final news that I have to share with you all today, is a partnership I have arranged with a few prominent local musicians, to host a showcase. This will be an intimate concert that will allow my pieces to be seen and respected in a serene environment.

The collaboration will be with my meticulous cousin Livio Forza, the sentimental Siobhan Owen and the dynamic Mark Sandon. The four of us will be hosting the concert on the 26th of October at 'The Manse,' a local art community which is based at the Clayton-Wesley Uniting Church in Beulah Park. At 7pm the doors open, to allow a viewing of my works and a chance to interact with us about our passion. Then at 7:30pm the concert shall commence.

The concert is given the general title 'showcase' to express the intent of our artistic talents without being burdened by an overarching theme. Myself in art and design, Livio via music composition, Siobhan by singing and playing the harp, while on piano is the ever vibrant Mark. Livio will present twelve of his contemporary compositions, one in which is his interpretation of one of my own concept art pieces, which Siobhan and Mark will beautifully perform. In addition, I will return the honour and provide visual interpretations of three of Livio’s works, with three digital paintings.

We hope everyone can attend and enjoy all of the hard work that we have each poured into the concert.

Ticket prices are:

Adults = $10
Children (14 and Under) = $5

We look forward to seeing you all there.


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