Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Journal Ambience #6 !

Friends and followers, Journal Ambience #6 returns to deliver an extensive showcase, demonstrating concept art/ design produced during the first week, of a two week intensive workshop, from the phenomenal Concept Design Workshop (http://www.conceptdesignworkshop.com/) in Adelaide. In addition, the workshop hosts special overseas guests and design professionals...

                                  (CDW) Concept Design Workshop & Concept Design Studios
                                       Level 3, The Myer Centre, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000
                                                                 Mobile +61 404 060 085
                                        Email info@cdwstudios.com | Web www.cdwstudios.com


Khang Lee

                                                                           Mike Yamada

                                                                           Victoria Ying

                                                                           Bryan Wynia

                                                                           Ben Mauro

                                                                           Aaron Beck

to educate and share their practices and knowledge in the industry. Please note that all work shown are still in progress

Firstly, the two environment pieces were originally observational drawings of photographs I had taken, then afterward included with science fictional elements. The city scape piece (concept 2) was a swift and loose style of a drawing exercise that also involved reverting objects to a primitive and abstract level, in order to understand composition. However the forest and space station scenario scene (concept 1), follows the typical digital painting procedure of combining photo reference into a painting. 

Secondly, two more mech designs were created. One design was inspired by a spider and scorpion and the other by two strange animals, which at this time I’m not sure what they’re called. The mechs and environment work were produced during the classes taught by the illustrious Khang Lee.
Thirdly character design was undertaken, led and instructed by the talented duo of Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying. I decided to attempt to mature and redesign the video game character Megaman, to suit a more adult audience and context.

Finally the insightful and jovial Bryan Wynia demonstrated how to use the 3D program “Z-brush” to achieve photo realistic pieces of work, which involved sculpting some characters with the choice of producing a vampire lord or grunt. This is my first foray in using the program and below are two outcomes of what I have managed to create thus far. I chose to model vampire lords. In addition to Bryan, Ben Mauro also provided a demonstration of his procedure using z-brush and created other types of creatures for the workshop’s enjoyment.  

It was a great privilege and honour to meet these six of the world’s top class concept artists/ designers in the entertainment industry.

Words cannot describe my sincere gratitude, for the wealth of knowledge they have each shared, which has been immensely helpful with my growth as an aspiring concept artist/ designer. 

In addition to these six, I look forward to next week, meeting and absorbing the knowledge of Jaime Jones, witnessing Aaron Beck’s superb abilities next week, not to mention reinforcing what I have previously learnt from the great Simon Scales, who is incidentally the brilliant person that I’ll forever be grateful to, in founding this fantastic school that teaches vfx and concept art/ design.

As usual remember to stay tuned every Friday, or at the least please be prepared for any delays, but that will come with notifications, to explain the post’s absence that will be updated with new content. 

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Thank you.

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