Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Journal Ambience #3: New Narrative Idea - Concept Art/ Design - Ideation

Apologies again to all the followers and friends, but Journal Ambience #3 finally returns to showcase the work that happened last week.

Last week involved illustrations that are topically a temporary departure from the science fiction contextual work of the previous weeks. The theme in question was intended to celebrate the festive holidays that being “Close and Cherished Bonding”. Accompanying the brainstorming phase, the word “embrace” was always in the back of the mind throughout the design process, with these illustrations hoping to reflect the subtext in a subtle and intriguing manner. This project is still a work in progress and is currently in the ideation stage of development. In addition a mind map is being used, but is still in its construction state. This will be shared either Friday or next week.

Apart from this project, another one has also been in the works, but at this time it can’t be shown at the discretion of the client.  The unveiling of the work, should hopefully be permissible by next week?

Furthermore as a statement to my followers and friends, I hope you all can excuse the tardiness of this post and please be prepared and patient that this might not be the only time that a late post may occur. However you can all be certain that Marc Forza Design will endeavour to reciprocate and inform the community with as much clarity and haste as possible to the aforementioned situations.

Lastly I hope you enjoy and find interest in what has been in development and as always remember to stay tuned every Friday, for when this will be updated with new content. Also like and follow Marc’s other domains at:    


Please feel free to leave your opinions and constructive advice below and on the blog.

Thank you.

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