Sunday, January 20, 2013

Journal Ambience #5

Welcome back to a fresh week of art and design brought to you by Marc Forza Design’s: Journal Ambience #5. This week is hoping to please many, with a load of content.

The work includes ideation and work in progress for Marc’s illustrative entry into Sketch’s “Dragon Rider’s” Competition, further ideation for a new personal project in the works, more mech concepts and updates made in improving Marc Forza Design’s online presence.

First of all Sketch Theatre’s brief is to illustrate “ dragon warriors, standing next to their epic mount, flying in the air or perhaps even in battle”. The stipulation also is that it can only be produced traditionally.

Marc’s illustration is intended to capture a fierce battle between two dragon warrior clans mounted on their respective dragons. A glimpse of the final composition can be seen in a few of the thumbnail ideations shown that paints the scene of the foreground’s dragon warrior clan, mounted upon a two-headed dragon with one head biting into the neck of the opposing dragon warrior clan’s dragon, in addition with both clans engaged in a deadly firefight skirmish. The illustration is obviously still in progress, but it’s outcome will be shown next week.

The second piece of work is ideation (top right page scan of ideation work - 4 sketches along the bottom) for a new personal narrative in progress. The theme is “Close and Cherished Bonding”. In addition to the thumbnails for this project (that you have all seen this procedure repeated in previous posts that serve to first provide a brief understanding of what the aesthetic of the given narrative will be), spotlighted for the first time is the other crucial element used by Marc Forza Design in the pre-production phase of any project is a mindmap.
Mindmap - Narrative Idea #3 - "The Laws & Challenge of Attraction"
Mindmap - Narrative Idea #4 - "Close and Cherished bonding"

Conceptualised and theorised by Tony and Barry Buzan, this method of thinking, helps to consolidate one’s thoughts and ideas towards a single intended goal or outcome. Particularly, shown above are two of the mindmaps that Marc is developing and attempting to fulfill (apologies for the poor quality images. This will be corrected for next time). This procedure is beneficial when working, in that it doesn’t waste mental energy and time. 

The third piece involved some more mech ideation (bottom right page scan of ideation work - 3 sketches from the bottom up) following the procedure used by the illustrious Scott Robertson. This involves applying light marker to create a silhouette of the design and then using pen or pencil over top of it to add in the details. This is a fairly quick process to facilitate fast and fresh ideas and was interesting to experiment with.  Scott shares his design methods and secrets on you his youtube channel at: 

The last piece of news is regarding the expansion of Marc Forza Design’s online presence in the form of new additions to the blog/ portfolio:

Updates made to the following page links on the blog are as follows:

Characters/ Creatures - Manga/Anime Style Illustrations

Scenario Scenes - Batman vs. Solid Snake (Fan Art) and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Adaptation Fan Art

Publications - Omnibus Books - Pirate Company: Roger Jolly and CASCADE
Comic Book Cover

Portraits - 6 Panel Landscape B/W Pen self portrait

...and which can also be seen now at the popular entertainment design website

Link below to personal profile page:

Marc Forza Design hopes you have all enjoyed witnessing and experiencing what happens a bit behind the scenes for projects and the quantity of work displayed this week.

As usual remember to stay tuned every Friday, or at the least please be prepared for any delays, but that will come with notifications, to explain the post’s absence that will be updated with new content.

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Please feel free to leave your opinions and constructive advice below and on the blog.

Thank you. 

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