Thursday, June 11, 2015

Journal Ambience (JA) #23 - Life Drawing Collection

Hi friends,

I hope you’ve all been keeping well?

Firstly, apologies for my period of inactivity. The reason being, as I’ve been forced away from my work and computer lately, due to falling ill and preparing content to demonstrate to you all here.

In any case, I’m pleased to finally share with you, two categories of work that I’ve been toiling over, the last few weeks.

The first part involves the 23rd chapter in my Journal Ambience series, showcasing my recent life drawings. They were drawn during a combination of CDW Studios’ sessions and time spent in my own premises.  

The second part, is work that I’ve been eagerly wanting to share, for quite some time, which I can finally do so. It relates to one of the jobs that I’ve been involved in. This will be posted sometime tomorrow.

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Thank you.


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