Friday, June 12, 2015

Industrial Design - Touch Screen Display Housing Project

Hi friends,

As stated in my previous post, I would to now share the second half of my work that was produced during my time at Adelaide (South Australian) design company, Martins Integrated. 

Essentially, the project brief involved researching and conceptualising design solutions, for a housing that can support a tablet and +/- 26 inch display monitor; for the context of clients’ display homes/ villages and sales offices. It also had to be applicable for a bench top and self standing configurations. And last but not least, it had to be both portable and affordable.

Therefore, I present to you all below, both the raw scans from my journal - containing my ideation and conceptual work; including annotations and notes that help explain my thought process. In addition to the presentation I prepared, which contains refined versions of my concepts.

 Ideation and Conceptual Work from Journal:

Presentation - Refined Versions of Concepts:

Finally, I would also like to express my sincerest gratitude to Martins Integrated, for offering me the opportunity to work there (under an internship program) and for involving me on such a fantastic project. Along with providing such a pleasant and inspiring environment to work in. Not to mention, it was such a pleasure being reacquainted and meeting new faces there. I’m so delighted and fortunate to have had the conversations I had and to know such great people. Kym and company, I look forward to staying in contact and hopefully working again with you in the future.

All in all friends, I hope you enjoy this content and visit again soon? 

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  1. Insights into the design and technology projects is always interesting. And when it's a concept that includes elements of both? Even better! Understanding how a brief is processed can help others explain their ideas and requirements more successfully, as they know what needs to be done with their guidelines next.

    Thank you for letting us look into your design process.

    Raymond @ CKS Global Solutions LTD

    1. Hi Raymond,

      Thank you so much, for making my day, by taking the time to leave such a sentimental message about my work. I greatly appreciate it and I’m so happy you liked what you saw.

Also, my apologies for my late reply. As sometimes, I accidentally forget to check my gmail inbox, since I have several others and I don’t receive too many messages in that specific inbox, let alone such meaningful ones. 

      Furthermore and out of curiosity, I researched the website of your business name that is listed in your email signature and I understand now, why you’re particularly interested in my work. I must say your work is equally as great and interesting too. 

      Therefore, if you’re indeed fascinated by my work, then I would be so elated, if you agreed to what I’m about to propose, which is whether you’d be eager to discuss the possibility, of maybe us collaborating, on any projects you may have, or plan to have in development? If you are keen, then please email me at to confirm your decision.


Lastly, thank you once more for your kind words. I look forward to your response and hope that you frequently visit my web domains.

      Kind regards,



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