Wednesday, April 30, 2014

(Update 1 of 3) Drawing Practices - Human Head Studies

Hi friends and followers,

My apologies, for I have done it again. By which I mean that I forgot to post my three Marc Forza Design Facebook posts, conjointly with the blog.

So below, is the first of three posts I made back to back with each other, containing my prior account of the work I have recently been producing, along with the work itself.

Also, I forgot to mention in the original post that I have created a separate photo album on the Marc Forza Design Facebook page, titled Drawing Practices that will contain this post's work and future drawing studies I do.

Once again, sorry for this inconvenience.

Please enjoy,

Thank you



Drawing Practices - Human Head Studies

Hi friends and followers, 
I have returned to share, what I have been working on lately.

Over the course of the past week, under the guidance and recommendation of my closet friends, I have gone back to basics and been studying various techniques of anatomy drawing masters: Andrew Loomis, Michael Hampton, Stan Prokopenko, Kevin Chen, Frank Reilly and Chris Legaspi, to perfect my own ability, to confidently draw the human head.


The reason for this, is to improve my confidence, ability and pace, in drawing live portrait commissions for clients.

This period of study, has truly been a rewarding experience, as it has reinforced what I already know. In addition, I feel I’m a lot closer to succeeding in these areas of drawing, listed above.

Of special note, there’s nothing like being humbled and grounded too. So thank you to my Unit 44 members: Pae Dee, Winson Wang and Brandon Lee, for correcting my work too (red line work), offering your advice and sharing with me, each of your respective drawing construction processes.

Constructive criticism is difficult to swallow, but is without a doubt invaluable, for creative growth.

I can’t thank you gentlemen enough, for being so helpful and forthcoming with me about my work.

So please everyone, enjoy this showcase of work.

Kind regards,

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