Thursday, April 10, 2014

Attention! New Mecha Design Series

Hi friends and followers,

I have just embarrassingly realised that I forgot to announce here, of a new design album I created on the conjoined Marc Forza Design Facebook page.

Therefore I would just like to reiterate my statement that I wrote then.

"I would like to announce for the Marc Forza Design Facebook page, a new design collection titled, the 'Mecha Design Series: From Sketches to Renders'.

Essentially, the collection comprises of original mech sketches, lifted from my sketchbooks that will eventually be transformed into rendered pieces.

To commemorate this occasion, attached with this post are a few designs I have recently conceived and illustrated. 

However, please keep in mind that the sketches are not all necessarily indicative of perfect designs, but are an explorative journey of ideas that I am testing.

On the other hand, the rendered pieces signify, what I feel are near to perfect designs.

Overall, this collection is designed to highlight my growth in creative thinking and illustrating, specifically geared towards mecha design.

Please enjoy,

Thank you."

Directly proceeding this post, I will also be posting Journal Ambience (JA)#17!

Look forward to that shortly.

Thanks again,

Marc Forza  

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