Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Journal Ambience #10 - "Vehicle Design and Life Drawing"

Journal Ambience returns this week, with a look at my final vehicle design competition entry for Double Happy and a collection of life drawing exercises.

Life drawing takes place in an un-instructed class that occurs every Friday night between 6-9pm, organised by Simon Scales at his Concept Design Workshop (CDW) studio. 

You can find further information about Simon’s studio and classes, by visiting his domain links below:

In regard to my vehicle/ spacecraft design, this is the outcome my concept reached, in time for the deadline of the competition. However, this does not mean that the project has come to a close, as I will continue to improve upon it going forward from now. Furthermore for a detailed account of the thought process and design behind the vehicle/ spacecraft, please refer to JA#9 @

Lastly as a recount of my renewed experience at attending a life drawing class last Friday, I personally felt that I yielded mixed results with my work. Factors that contribute to this, include my pace at drawing - on average I was only able to draw the linework of the different gestures of the model, with the exception of the longer durations, allowing me to apply a bit more detail. I also encountered a loss of time in attempting to achieve a likeness of the model’s face - despite me knowing the principles involved.

Therefore to solve these issues, in leading up to the next class, I will proceed in drawing head studies from different angles, of a single model, practice recreating more short timed based sessions and study the human anatomy further by referring to two new books I recently purchased:

Anatomy of the Human Body - Lockhart, Hamilton & Fyfe


This is a fantastic book that provides detailed descriptions and easily readable annotations of the human anatomy. It is also contains real photographic images.

Anatomy for the Artist - Sarah Simblet


 The presentation format of this book, allows one to easily comprehend the sections and construction of the human body.

Overall I hope you have all enjoyed this body of work and please look forward to the next given post.

 As usual remember to stay tuned every Friday, or at the least please be prepared for any delays, but that will come with notifications, to explain the post’s absence.

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Thank you.

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