Sunday, November 15, 2015

Journal Ambience (JA) #24.2 - *Advertising/Editorial*, Fan Art & Life Drawing

The second advertising/editorial piece, is an illustration that I attempted to finish for local newspaper The Advertiser and its annual Youth Edition competition, for its sub publication, SA Weekend.

At the time when the competition finished, I wasn’t sure whether to post what I had done, as firstly I wasn’t sure if I entirely liked it and secondly if it met the vision that I had for it. Furthermore, I didn’t think it would generate interest, since it is after all another unfinished piece. Nevertheless, since this JA series is intended to highlight all works that are in development, I decided to share it.

As for my thinking behind the piece, my intention was to illustrate and highlight the vast array and diversity of cultures that young people have brought to Australia (or in particular Adelaide), with their families’ heritage and combined together, how enriching it makes our lifestyle. My intent, is also meant to subtly show my support of the refugee crisis, by creating a piece that welcomes and celebrates all ethnicities. 

This concludes Journal Ambience #24.2, but please look forward to #24.3 and 24.4, arriving shortly.

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